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hueprDVR provides full D1 resolution support, PCI Express dvr cards, PCIe dvr cards, and POS DVR.

What's News in huperDVR 2400 v.2.0

Full D1 resolution support (NTSC: 720x480, PAL: 720x576)
PCI Express DVR Cards Availability
Audio Enhancements
huperRemote v.3.0
  - Full D1 resolution support
- Full D1 resolution on RemotePDA
- I/O Devices Remote Control
What's News in huperDVR 4000 v.1.56
Allow to specify a set of cameras for backing up their video recordings.
Support the video dimension of 640x480 for resaved AVI file.
Support ID/Password verification for mobile phone remote watching by web page.
Allow to save events to a text file in the "New Events" dialog box.
Provide two utility programs, "DBTool.exe" and "ZipLog.exe". DBTool is for maintaining record database. Ziplog is for collecting software and hardware problematic information. They are in the "Bin" subfolder under product folder.
Launch Backup Scheduler directly form the front panel of DVR Site Server.
Speed up the launching time of Record Player and Backup Scheduler.
Improve the performance of record recycling.
Add new card models: 2408QB-64, 2408QB-120, 2408QB-240
Card Model
64 fps
120 fps
240 fps
50 fps
100 fps
200 fps
240 fps
200 fps


huperDVR Key Features

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Site Server
Support High Performance PCI Express DVR Cards
HuperLab's PCI Express DVR card series is a new generation DVR card solution which provides high performance and excellent video quality on display and recording. The PCI Express interface has become an industry standard for computing platforms, and supported by Intel 9xx series chips. It offers higher data transfer rates and greater bandwidth than traditional PCI bus. HuperLab's PCI Express DVR card solutions guarantee you a reliable and high performance DVR system with excellent video quality on display and recording.
digital security cctv, analysis video, remote monitoring video, remote camera surveillance
Record Player
Full D1 Resolution Support
huperDVR 2400 ensures superior video quality with full D1 resolution support (NTSC: 720x480, PAL: 720x576). Taking advantages of HuperLab's proprietary HM (MPEG-4 like) compression technology, the video is optimally compressed yet retains the best quality.
huperDVR record player for remote monitoring video
Event Viewer
Advanced Motion Detection
Advanced Motion Detection automatically detects and tracks a moving object with a frame indicator. It reduces false alarms caused by weather or lighting changes, camera noises, camera shakes, and constant cruise of PTZ camera. Sensitivity level and noise tolerance are adjustable to filter environment interference outdoors. Unique Size Filtering allows you to filter unnecessary moving objects by defining the size of targets.
huperDVR event view for remote control camera monitoring
Powerful Central Monitoring
huperRemote enables you to view and receive live audio from up to 64 cameras, and remotely control PTZ cameras. Tree-structured DVR site interface lets you easily identify and manage up to 1,000 DVR sites. Multiple DVR sites or cameras can be grouped together for one click fast connection.
DVR mobile, surveillance remote, remote camera monitoring, mobile surveillance
Complete Integration
Sensors, alarms, and PTZ devices can be integrated into huperDVR 2400. Through the RS232/ RS485 converter, PTZ cameras can be remotely controlled for pan/tilt/zoom. Via the PCI-I/O card or external I/O box, huperDVR receives signals from sensors and triggers external devices such as lights, switches, gates, and other traditional alarm devices. HuperLab's external I/O box supports 16 inputs and 16 relay outputs.
Prompt Event Notifications
huperDVR instantly sends out notifications when motions or sensor inputs are detected. Notifications can be sent in many different ways:
- Notify by phone call, email, fax, alarm sound, flash message or full screen pop-up of event video.
- Trigger traditional alarm devices
- Display the event camera in full screen
- Send event reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
- Send event video to huperCenter* for central alarm management
* huperCenter is HuperLab's central management system (optional in huperDVR 2400).
Snapshot & Video Export
Adjust image quality or zoom in for details, and snapshot a video frame for archiving or printing. You can also export video clips to AVI or self-executable files with digital authentication and password protection.
Dynamic IP Support
Don't worry about huperDVR changing its IP address. You can easily view its web cam pages by site name at the Dynamic IP Server.
Two-Way Voice Communication
Real-time voice transmission between huperDVR sites and clients is proceeding simultaneously in full duplex. You can talk to security personnel at any DVR site for event handling.
Wide Dynamic Vision Pack (Optional)
Wide Dynamic Vision Pack provides powerful features on video quality enhancements, noise reduction, and false alarm prevention. Dark or unclear images from a video source can be enhanced impressively for viewing and recording. Powerful mask function is used to enhance only specified region of interests.

What's New in huperVision 4000 v.1.2

Support 9 language Versions:

English, Traditional Chinese, French, Hebrew, Italy, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.
New Features

* Virtual Fence Detection
* Secure Zone Detection
* Flame detection
* Flow Counting
* Digital Watermarking
* Remote Surveillance via PDA and SmartPhone (WinCE/Symbian)
* Send notifications for video signal losses
What's New in huperVision 4000 v.1.11
Professional silver style of user interface
Missing & left object detection sends warning when a suspicious object is left or missing from the camera view.
I/O sensors can trigger the PTZ camera to preset positions.
Advanced access control.
Multiple levels of access control by cameras and by authorities.
Automatically log on to a DVR with a pre-defined user account.
Invoke Backup Scheduler directly form DVR site server's front panel.
FTP event pictures.
Increase the launch speed in Record Player and Event Viewer programs.
Video capture cards are stackable.
Add new card models: 4008QB-64, 4008QB-120.
Card Model
64 fps
120 fps
240 fps
50 fps
100 fps
200 fps
240 fps
200 fps

Smart Detection

Missing Object Detection
Missing Object Detection sends notifications if an existing object, like paintings in the gallery, is missing from the camera view for a period of time.

Missing Left Detection Live alarm (3.18MB)


Unattended Object Detection
Left Object Detection sends warnings if unattended objects, like bombs or unattended luggage, are left on the scene for a period of time.
Unattended Object Detection
Virtual Fence Detection perceives intrusions when suspicious objects/people pass a predefined line or proceed the wrong way in single direction entrance.
Secure Zone Detection
Secure Zone Detection alarms when intrusions occur in one or more predefined forbidden zones.
Flame Detection
Flame Detection notifies you when flames are detected. (optional)

Flame Detection 01 (1.76MB)
People Counting
Flow Counting calculates the amount of objects/people passing a predefined line or area.
PTZ Camera Auto Tracking & Direct PTZ Control
  PTZ Camera Auto Tracking adds intelligence on your PTZ camera which enables the PTZ camera to automatically track a moving object.

PTZ Auto Tracking (3.62MB)

Direct PTZ Camera Control provides auto close-up on the region of interest. It allows you to define a specific region, and the PTZ camera will zoom in to turn the region into a near full-screen display automatically.

Direct_PTZ_On_Screen_PTZ_Control (4.04MB)

Events Trigger PTZ camera to a preset position.
Intelligent Search

Unique Size Filtering allows you to define the size of search targets to increase accuracy.

Advanced Motion Search and Missing & Left Object Search save much time in locating specific video segments from a huge database.

Search by Missing & Left Detections (3.18 MB)

The thumbnail view displays search results for instant view.

Search Video by Size Filter Search Video by Size Filter
Wide Dynamic Vision Pack
Built-in Wide Dynamic Vision Pack provides visibility enhancement, sharpness adjustment, and noise reduction.
Centralized Access Control
Centralized Access Control simplifies user account operations. You don't need to repeatedly enter user ID and password to access multiple DVR sites.
Content Protection
  Content Protection prevents video content being tampered by embedding digital watermark in snapshots.

(The tampered license plate is marked in green)
Digital Video Watermarking
Central Management Solution
huperRemote, the client program, allows you to remotely view and control any DVR site from a remote computer.

huperCenter, a central monitoring platform, enables you to monitor events, receive notifications and generate event logs from multiple remote DVR sites.
Mobile Surveillance
  huperVision 4000 lets you remotely monitor any DVR site via your handheld devices, such as PDA and mobile phone.  
Mobile Phone Remote Surveillance
32CH DVR System Availability
  huperVision 4000 enables you to stack two DVR cards in one single machine for a 32-channel DVR system under HuperLab's exclusive multi-instance DVR structure. It is easy to build such a high performance 32CH intelligent DVR system at a cost of one DVR machine only. Plus, it is convenient to manage all 32 surveillance cameras from one single DVR which saves you lots of space as well. huperVision's unique multi-instance structure also provides the scalability to expand your DVR machine to a 32CH or even more channels DVR system at your demand.

* Dual VGA monitors are required for 32CH DVR display.
32 CH DVR System




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