" WisDom " Fully Wireless Security System from Israel...

WisDom is the simplest and fastest wireless security system to install: once you experience the time and cost savings of Rokonet’s unique installation tools and simple programming logic, you will never want to install a different alarm system.

General Features:
·  32 wireless zones + 1 wired zone
·  3 partitions
·  32 user codes
·  Two models: LCD version & LCD with integrated voice capabilities
·  Built-in 85dB internal siren, plus 500mA external siren driver
·  4 programmable outputs: two 3A relays + two 70mA OC outputs
·  250 event log
·  868 or 433 MHz frequencies

Installer Features:
·  Simple programming logic – fully menu driven
·  Wireless calibration and adjustable threshold level, enables higher immunity to false jamming alarms
·  Transmitter signal strength displayed on LCD
·  All detectors supervised for presence, low battery, jamming and tamper
·  Windows based remote and local Upload/Download
·  GSM/GPRS module for Central Station reporting and SMS messages

End-Use Features:
·  Full voice menu guide enables simple remote phone operation
·  Built-in two way voice communication to the premises
·  Local announcement and feedback of system status
·  Family message center
·  Dedicated buttons for simple emergency notification
·  Quick key operation of user functions
·  Full volume control of voice messages and system sounds
·  Rechargeable batteries, replaceable without opening the unit


Wireless Accessories
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RISCO Groups line of Wireless Accessories provides maximum flexibility for security systems, when wiring becomes too difficult, or when adding remote control operation. RISCO Groups wireless transmitters use the latest in RF technology and ensure superior reliablity and range.

The wireless accessories are compatible with all RISCO Group Wireless Systems.

Wireless PIR Detector
No Image Available

Microprocessor-controlled wireless PIR detector
Wireless PET Detector
No Image Available

Microprocessor-controlled wireless PET immune detector
Universal Transmitter
No Image Available

Enables wireless operation of any
Wireless Smoke Detector
No Image Available

The Wireless Smoke Detector is a ceiling mount photoelectric smoke detector for adding fire warning capability in residential applications
Wireless Shock Detector
No Image Available

The Wireless Shock Detector is based on the shock detection technology of the ShockTec wired shock detector
Wireless Flood Detector
No Image Available

The Wireless Flood Detector provides an alarm in case of flooding above the sensor level
Pendant Panic Transmitter
No Image Available

The Pendant Transmitter is a single-channel push-button pendant transmitter for use with RISCO Group Wireless systems
4-Button Keyfob
No Image Available

4-function miniature transmitterThe 4-Button Keyfob is a miniature transmitter for use as a remote control with RISCO Group's Wireless systems.
2-Buttons panic keyfob
No Image Available

The 2-Button Panic Keyfob prevents false panic alarms by requiring that both buttons be depressed at once
Program Transfer Module
No Image Available

The Program Transfer Module enables Download or upload of control panel programming




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